Pharaoh’s Dance Demo and Preorders


A demo for our new game Pharaoh’s Dance is now available. If you approve of its contents, you can preorder the full game now at a discounted price. All this and more can be accomplished on the Official Pharaoh’s Dance Internet Webpage.

How Does a Pharaoh Dance?

Pharaoh’s Dance is an action-platformer-roguelike that takes place on a giant spinning carnival contraption. As you ascend, your air supply will deplete. Dive into the abyss and hope that fate brings you the good fortune of oxygen. Collect coins, sell crystals, slow time, and live the high life to the tune of a dynamic jazz-inspired soundtrack. Gamble your way to the top and enjoy riches—or fall forever into the abyss like so many others who have come before you.

The Story

Pharaoh’s Dance started with one small wheel that has been under construction ever since. As technology improved and enabled the mining of more resources, the wheel’s rate of growth increased exponentially. Now no one knows how high up it goes.


  • Challenging arcade platforming gameplay
  • Randomized stages and permanent death
  • Dynamic jazz-inspired audio
  • Four difficulty levels: Casual, Normal, Intense, and Insane
  • Slow down time and dive into the abyss for air
  • Sell coins and crystals and upgrade your air tank, parachute, and stomach size

Play the demo and preorder Pharaoh’s Dance.


An explanation of hallways

Multilytheus started with a Maya file called “hallway.ma.” As new rooms and the various paths between them were plotted out, the size of this file increased. The file, however, was never renamed, and all of Multilytheus continues to take place in one hallway, although it may appear to be a complex network of tubes.

Dark Room


MULTILYTHEUS – the game and the trailer

I’m going to use this first post on the Astro Assembly blog to get right to introducing our first game, MULTILYTHEUS, which is a difficult abstract first-person puzzle game. There’s a brand-new trailer for it, which I’ll let speak for itself:

It doesn’t tell you all that much about the game, but that’s OK—it’s still a cool trailer. Here are some cold hard facts about Multilytheus you might not have known, assembled into a bulleted list for your convenience (the game itself won’t be so nice):

  • This game is about navigating and understanding space—the kind all around you, not just what’s above the earth’s atmosphere, but it is about that kind of space, too, or more generally the things out there we know nothing about, which includes a lot of stuff down here on earth. It is about how little you know about even the things at the periphery of your own personal perspective. In Multilytheus, you might find the unfamiliar threatening, but it all depends on how you approach it.
  • Multilytheus might seem to be asking you to approach it only with the intention of winning mastery over it like you must with so many other videogames, but first impressions aren’t everything. If those who completed Multilytheus were to receive a door prize, which they might feel they deserved because the game is just that difficult, the game itself would be forgotten in the scramble. Playing quickly only to win a prize is often disappointing. I’m not going to tell you what to do, but taking Multilytheus slowly might bring about more understanding and empathy.
  • Actually, I wouldn’t recommend taking my word for anything. Multilytheus is composed of many things, but the last of these of any importance is my own perspective. It is primarily composed of many pieces from the culture in which it was produced.
  • Multilytheus is equally inspired by At a Distance, Metroid Prime, Corrypt, Half-Life, Doom, Super Mario 64, 2001: A Space Odyssey (which isn’t a game), and these paintings by Paul Klee (which are also not games).
  • Multilytheus is a maze to be explored, and it won’t be easy to hold everything in your head. It’s as important to establish connections in your brain as it is between the corridors of Multilytheus if you mean to escape—if you think escape is a good goal to seek.

Now you know more about Multilytheus. Most importantly, Multilytheus will be released this September. You can give us your email address at the bottom of this page if you want to be the first in the know when the game is available, or you can keep your eyes peeled on this page for more updates and veiled truths.