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an other dimension

hi joel,
i startled and found my head perceiving something unexplainably unreal in something i can only call ”’some other dimension.”’ i met and befriended the beings there. they were all two happy too receive me, and adopted me into their family despite the discrepancies in our physical sizes. i tell you (listen), i lived out my entire life…—… i lived, and died, and when i awoke our website had loaded.

nothing playable yet but hopefully soon. i’ve been getting obsessive about writing super organized code, to the point where i’m kind of just treading water, but i’m enjoying myself so i guess it’s ok?? i can kind of justify all the rewrites by saying that once i have the foundation down it’ll be quick to expand. we’ll see. more than likely i’ll just start over a/several dozen more times


hi joel,

all adders and healthy bushy greens churned this up. or well, at least there were several interesting fuckups along the way which i’ll show 1 of first


in my highmind i was thinking WOW!need to make this the freaking game!! but then the prospect of wrestling with something i don’t understand for ++months/years put me in my conservative place

so i finally got to this place

which felt like such an accomplishment at the time but then i realized it had to be a tube so rewrote it and finally ended up with what i think i’m going to build off of


i’m thinking you’ll be playing all along that green helix while the ai sits&develops in the white helix. you’ll maybe interact w (or, eh er, launch bombs at) the ai through screens but actually being able to visit the white helix will i think be a ‘big reveal’

cube collection

hi joel,

what i decided was that it needed hills so i added hills. it’s actually surprisingly easy (and nerdyfun) to do things like this thanks to perlin noise. the next step is to mold it into a giant helix that illuminates in a fog of war style reminiscent of routezero (if i can pull that off even).


i think there will be a rising tide mechanic that forces nomadic gameplay [but i hope to communicate that the perpetual movement is taking place only through time rather than at all through space– but if ppl are confused, or it’s not obvious, then oh well]. i want players to feel compelled to dive into the tide and destroy old structures they built in pursuit of resources.


hi joel,


as you can see it’s rotating hexagon fractals again, but check out that randomly generated terrain! the white shit is milk. the main resource in the game is milkshakes a la pta’s twbb

an action-platformer-roguelike on a giant spinning carnival contraption (more)

“this game is beyond explanation … there are discoveries to be made upon this wheel that keep you coming back with a hopeful bounce.” —Indie Statik

“it hooked [me] in right away, it’s actually quite challenging and a welcome break from other platforming games” —GamingOnLinux

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