Grids are hell

Hi Jay,

Below you will find the current state of the puzzles in the game’s first level (except for the central mines puzzle, which … takes place in too large of a space to capture in a screenshot). If you’re worried that they look too hard, they probably are. But then, they’ll be too easy for some people. So rather than worry too much about what can’t possibly be balanced for everyone, I’ve decided to focus on integrating an optional hint system similar to the codec in MGS, which is IMO one of the best hint systems, because it disguises the fact that it even is a hint system by also being the main place for the player to go for exposition. Because you can pretend you’re just interested in hearing about the flora and fauna of Alaska or whatever, it doesn’t make you feel bad for using it, like you might if you went to GameFAQs, a defeated coward.

I’m trying to remind myself that the content of these puzzles is on some level arbitrary. They’re essential as things for the player to do that take time and that focus their attention in particular ways, but them learning how to do *these* particular things – pushing and pulling boxes, compacting or burning trash, using a crane, and as of today, crawling through wires and turning on and off electrified floors – is only important to the extent that it will serve my larger goals in the type of experience I want them to have. Maybe then I should focus on making the game as accessible as possible so more people can have that experience; maybe I should set aside my attempts to try out all the nearly infinite configurations of box placement to find the most perfectly interesting situations. Because this type of “interesting” isn’t what I’m aiming for anyway.



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