hi joel,

all adders and healthy bushy greens churned this up. or well, at least there were several interesting fuckups along the way which i’ll show 1 of first


in my highmind i was thinking WOW!need to make this the freaking game!! but then the prospect of wrestling with something i don’t understand for ++months/years put me in my conservative place

so i finally got to this place

which felt like such an accomplishment at the time but then i realized it had to be a tube so rewrote it and finally ended up with what i think i’m going to build off of


i’m thinking you’ll be playing all along that green helix while the ai sits&develops in the white helix. you’ll maybe interact w (or, eh er, launch bombs at) the ai through screens but actually being able to visit the white helix will i think be a ‘big reveal’

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